posted on May 31
hi :) can you please tell me what's the wanted mailer list? i'm new so there's still a lot to know haha

hey! sorry if this is really late…

if you get added to the ‘mailer’ list, you get sent an email (written by Jay) that has all the juicy details of what they did in the week, and usually the link to that weeks #WantedWednesday flip, and usually hilarious :)

sign up |HERE|!!!

[more on WantedWednesday]

posted on May 17
is there a video where the guys are thrusting their "you know what" with vh1? cuz i saw multiple gifs of it on vh1's tumblr. so i wanted to know if there was a video of that.. :D

ummmmm ive not seen a video, i think vh1 just video’d them and made it into gifs. if i ever see a video, i’ll post/reblog! :D

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posted on May 17
Do you know what video it is where they're all drunk and nathan says " Martin wants to get fucked tonight" lol? Thanks lovely x

hahaha yeah i know where thats from, its hilairous!!! drunk The Wanted is the best The Wanted :D

here: at 00:50

youre welcome! :) x

posted on May 10
Hi, I was creeping through your blog and I saw the very first thing that you answered in the answered questions section and I was wondering what did the Wanted "apprently" told bad about 1d?

hey! well they were quoted saying stuff like 1d are famous for their faces and The Wanted are famous for their music, Max was quoted comparing them to the Jonas brothers, and that basically the wanted are more universally appealing unlike 1d who only really appeal to young girls, and that 1d “arent competition”

but you know the thing is, they didnt even mean it in a bad way, but the media would put a headline like “THE WANTED INSULT 1D” or “THE WANTED SLAG OFF 1D AND THE JONAS BROTHERS”

but of course most 1d fans took it the wrong way, TW have tweeted like a million times that their words were twisted. and Max LOVES the Jonas Brothers but the media made it out to look like an insult.

and if they did say 1d are famous for their looks.. well maybe they did what i did and searched “the wanted” on twitter, so many tweets are just “the wanted are so ugly, 1d are so much better”, you cant blame them for believing that. they basically meant 1d push their faces (which is true), and the wanted push their music. theyd never purposely slag off 1d, but they ARE honest :)

posted on Apr 30
do you know where I can watch them on jay leno?

heres a link!!

i dont think its on youtube due to copyright and stuff:)

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posted on Apr 30
As a relatively new (but extremely knowledgeable because I kind of stalked all of their youtube videos and interviews for a whole week after discovering them) member of the Fanmily, can I just say thank you? Also, I watched the entire interview playlist you made...even the ones that I had already seen. You're a pretty fantastic person for thinking of the idea for this blog :)

aww that means so much! :’) i like to know im not wasting my time because setting up this blog and running it took/takes ages but its worth it to help fans and to help the boys, and messages like these really make my day, so thank you!!! :}

and wow that playlist is over 3 hours long haha impressive! ;P

posted on Apr 24
Hey theres this gif of Jay taking off his shirt (it seems like its from the flip) like he's wearing a sweater, and I think Siva is with him and Jay is talking to the camera then randomly takes his shirt off. Do you know which video I'm talking about?

yep i think i know what youre talking about and thats from |HERE| :)

posted on Apr 24
what song is played at 4:10 youtube(.)com/watch?v=9GZQpkv6Ojc&feature=relmfu

The Wanted - Behind Bars


posted on Apr 20
Do you know what Siva's nationality is? Thanks!

Siva is half Irish, half Sri Lankan, its a pretty epic mix!

posted on Apr 20
do you know when the wanted ep will be released? sorry im a new fan :/

hey no dont apologise, its okay! :’) The Wanted EP is released on the 24th of April, |Chasing The Sun| is available to download right now though! :)

welcome to the TWfanmily! :D

posted on Apr 18
Hi! Thanks for answering my questions! Your tumblr is greaat and so helpful!! one of my questions is about the tom parker gif.. so can i just tell u how to find it and then u can tell me where its from? lol. type in tom parker gifs in google. click on the first link that says: tom parker gif | Tumblr. the gif im talking about is the 8th one from genuineonly. its a purplish gif with tom pointing at us.. lol ik thats a lot to read.. but THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! #TWFanmily

aww thanks! :’) and OHHHHHHH i know where thats from! haha its from here 

and YOU ARE VERY WELCOME #TWfanmily :’)

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posted on Apr 18
what are their middle names? (:

well i’ll give you their full names:

James Noah Carlos McGuiness

Maximillian Alberto George

Nathan James Sykes

Siva Steven Michael Kaneswaran

Thomas Anthony Parker

(Jay IS short for is James, but ive always heard that he’s denied that his middle name is ‘Noah’, but then in their TOTP magazine special, it says “James Noah Carlos McGuiness” so im really not sure, i’ll just have to wait til i meet him and ask lol)

(and ive seen so many people say “Siva Steven Michael Kaneswaran” but ive never seen any proof of those middle names so im not sure about that either)

hope this helped! :)

posted on Apr 18
do you any the wanted fact blogs? (:

the only one i know thats still around is |thewantedwantfacts|

and theres this one |thattwthing| which isnt a ‘fact’ blog persay, but i think its pretty good

hope this helps! :)

posted on Apr 18
to the anon who asked about max sleeping on nathan's sofa in london :p /watch?v=OWGQ_3PC9rM @5:40

^^anon here you go!!^^^

thank you so much! :)

posted on Apr 15
You know that chat that's going around, where theyre talking about being drunk and Jay says Nath has a fat face? Do you know where that's from? :)

hey! sorry for the late reply, but i really didnt want to give you no for an answer, so i went looking and found the video! :D

(skip to 4:50 if you dont want to watch it all)

i hope this is what youre talking about haha! :’)